Study Work &Travel Abroad

Study Work and Travel in USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada. Participate in volunteering programs, teach english, jobs, paid internships and studies abroad. Visit China, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina and Chile. Do Erasmus practice in Greece, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, France.Volunteer in Africa, Latin America and Asia. If you are ready to experience the most magical feeling in the world,  just choose one of our exciting programs. Stop dreaming about your best adventure and call us now.

Jobs, adventure travels, erasmus practice, internships worldwide. This is the best way to learn another country by working and living there. Meet with local people, become part of their cultural events and create a life-long friendships. Learn what others do not know, go for safari, swim with the dolphins, dance syrtaki, see the Buddha, go for shopping in New York, and finally enjoy the music vibes of Ibiza, Rhodes Old town, Miami & Goa.

Study work and travel

Study work and travel Algoos it is a world network of recruitment and travelling agencies targeting the most demanding  traveller, student, employee. Hence, we offer an unforgettable work, study and travel adventure covering every detail of their journey before they set off.

With Algoos study work and travel agents, partners, and our 24/7 support you may have peace of mind knowing that our staff will make this experience unforgettable without hassle and worries of what will be next.


Work Abroad

Work abroad around the world visit new places and make money. We have one life and one world so lets explore it together. Working holidays require you to work professionally while you are exploring the world.

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Animation summer internships are the most famous among students that are multilingual they are always happy and are ready to spend all their time in the hotel socializing with guests.

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Au Pair

Au pair around the world If you love kids and travelling then spending a year abroad as an AU pair it might be what you are looking for.

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Back Office

Office internships or Erasmus Practice, gain more advanced knowledge then you can choose one of our office positions and boost your career.

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Farming jobs and Fruit picking are so popular in countries such as Norway, USA, Australia and New Zealand. The perfect destination for an exciting work and travel experience.

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Internships in the food and beverage in hotels such as waiters or cooks for those that study tourism or hospitality and they are making their first steps towards a successful career.

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Internships in Reception for multilingual students looking for a job or internship abroad.This is a prestigious and demanding job that will add value on your Cv.

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Are you talented in using your language skills to promote products? Become a salesman to one of our exciting destinations as a first step towards your marketing career.

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Spa internship positions for all students of spa or physiotherapy who speak english, this demanding job will teach you a lot if you have the right degree.

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  • Study Economics

    in Poland

  • Study Business Administration

    in Greece

  • Learn Portuguese

    in Portugal

  • Learn Spanish

    in Mallorca

  • Rhodes

    16 euros pp

  • Warsaw

    8eu pp

  • London

    15 eu pp




  • Safari Massi 3 days

  • Fishing Rhodes

  • Visit Beijing Wall