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Algoos Work and Travel offers adventure travelling packages and holidays through the whole year in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, Tasmania and so on.

Midterm? Summer? Winter? Holidays or year off? Gather a group of 40 people or more, pick your favorite destination and discuss with one of our experienced Adventure consultants your next stop. We will make the perfect package for you with personalized service to travel to one of our great destinations. One of our Partners in the visiting country will arrange every detail of your program to make sure that you will receive the service and the group holiday you were dreaming.

Student prices for Flights, Hotels and excursions through your entire program can be found on

Algoos Travel Packages

  • Adventurous Travelling
  • Clubbing Holidays
  • Relaxing Holidays
  • Spring Break Holidays


The costs of the program vary according to the country, the size of the group and the activities you will choose during your tailored adventure program. Prices start from 149 euros including hotels and flights.


From the mountains of Grand Canyon to the statue of Buddha in Bang Kong, the Colosseum, Pisa and the Parthenon in Athens. Travel in time through Greece, Italy, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Denmark, UK, Germany, Holland, Norway, Finland, USA and many other destinations.

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 Start your adventure, gather your friends, gather a group of 40 people and contact us to create for you a tailored adventure that will blow your mind and take you to one of our exciting destinations with discounted student prices. Just send us an email to travel [@] and request our brochure, your tailored package holiday for you and your friends. It’s time to see the world through your own eyes.

Come online now create your tailored package and start your adventure. 192 local Agencies worldwide can give you exactly what you are looking for.