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Through Algoos Agency Network you will become part of a vast amount of recruitment and travelling agencies worldwide giving us the chance to create our own packages, increase our profit and shape our services the way our clients desire. By targeting the youth travelling market you are targeting one of the biggest and less exploited target groups in the travelling industry. Certainly your Agency will have representatives worldwide allowing you to offer better customer service, increasing Algoos Agency name and making us a leader in the Youth Work and Travel industry. In addition, through our program you keep the services you already have and you add more that increase your target market for more sophisticated travelers that know what they want assisting you to create loyal customers in the years to come remembering the first exciting opportunity you offered them to see the world.


Algoos offers tailored services for students worldwide. Our specialized associates and partners in every capital city around the world are there in order to offer you the consultation and assistance you will need in your adventure to work and travel around the world. We offer recruitment services to every company, employee and adventurer worldwide. We want our candidates to work in world class recognized companies and hotels, spend fabulous time on their working environments, enjoy their free time in their new city of residence and finally, participate in the company development through their original and different cultural background.


Through Algoos your profit is higher than any other company can offer you, we work on 50-50 basis. We are building a network with universities, employers, agencies and candidates from partners around the world. All the programs and candidates are on You simply offer to the candidates a wide variety of programs they choose and we do the rest.

If you have vacancies to cover the method is exactly the same you post the description and the requirements and we send you lists with candidates that would like to work and travel to your destination.

Our 24-7 Customer service lines are there in order to help the most demanding clients resolving problems at a glance.

Countries of Cooperation

Algoos takes you further than any other company in the world. Our aim is to create a worldwide network of Recruitment and Travelling agencies that will share the same objectives and beliefs and revolutionize the youth work and travel market around the 5 continents of the world.

How to become a partner

Join our large network of Partners, go online on click on Agencies and complete the partnership form. One of our development consultants will come in contact with you to discuss every detail of our cooperation so you can start offering all your packages through and have access to hundreds of other packages from all around the world. Alternatively, you can send an email to partners[@]

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