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Hotel Work Cyprus

Hotel Work Cyprus Hotel Work Cyprus program of Algoos Study Work and Travel can help you to find a job in a hotel. Just like Greece, is a country between the old and the new, the past, the present and …

Ex Tax: 195€

Internships Malta

Internships Malta Internships Malta program provides internships in different industries such as tourism and hospitality, business, marketing, engineering, HR. Malta is situated in the very center of the Mediterranean, having a beautiful scenery, frenetic nightlife, rich history and also "unusually …

Ex Tax: 300€

Internships South Africa

Internships South Africa Algoos Study Work and Travel offers Internships South Africa in fields such as: Tourism, Hospitality, Business, Education, Environment and Medicine. To begin with, Strong combination of African cultures and modern life, unusual nature, pinguins, that live next …

Ex Tax: 500€

Internships Canada

Internships Canada Algoos Study Work and Travel offers paid and non-paid internships Canada in the following fields: Business, Tourism, Hospitality, IT, Biology, Education, Law and Media. Blue whales, grizzly bears, hockey and also Niagara waterfall – thousands of people are …

Ex Tax: 1500€

Internships Australia

Internships Australia Internships Australia program gives you a chance to do your international internship in Australia. It is a natural wonderland with its spectacular landscapes, unique fauna and also breath taking coastlines. Moreover it is a home to the Great …

Ex Tax: 500€

Internships Germany

Internships Germany Algoos study work and travel offers paid and unpaid internships Germany in the following fields: engineering, manufacturing, science, health and IT. Germany is a European country located in central-western part of the continent. Moreover it is the second, right …

Ex Tax: 700€

Internships Ireland

Internships Ireland Algoos Study Work and Travel offers internships Ireland in fields such as IT, marketing, tourism and hospitality, accounting, social work. Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. The country is politically divided between the Republic of Ireland …

Ex Tax: 500€

Internships India

International Internships India Algoos Study Work and Travel offers Paid internships India in fields such as medicine, marketing, business, Engineering, IT, Tourism and hospitality and hotels. India, officially known as the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. …

Ex Tax: 400€

Internships Russia

International Internships Russia Algoos Study Work and Travel offers internships Russia in fields such as teaching, translation, sales, marketing, management, tourism and hospitality. To begin with, Russia is a country located in northern Eurasia. By area it is the largest …

Ex Tax: 500€

Internships Argentina

Internships Argentina Algoos Study Work and Travel offers paid internships Argentina in fields of: Medicine, Education, Law, Sports, Journalism, Veterinary, Marketing, Teaching, Business and Tourism. Argentina has both sea and ski resorts and of course the most Southern city of …

Ex Tax: 600€

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