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Work & Travel Destinations Worldwide

Work & Travel Destinations Worldwide
Algoos Study Work and Travel offers hundreds of Destinations with local agencies for internships, volunteering, Au Pair, non paid internships and work abroad.There is no better way of learning another country than working and living in that country, interacting with locals, becoming part of their cultural events, making friends, enjoying local delicacies and unique lifestyle. Learn what others don’t know, go for safari, swim with dolphins, dance syrtaki, see the Buddha, go for shopping in New York, take pictures of kangaroos, enjoy the music vibes of Ibiza, Malia, Rhodes Old Town, Miami & Goa.
Algoos is a world network of recruitment and travelling agencies targeting the most demanding and sophisticated traveller, student, graduate, employee offering an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime adventure covering every detail of their journey before they set off.
With Algoos Agents and Partners and our 24/7 support you may have peace of mind knowing that our staff will make this experience unforgettable without hassle and worries of what will happen next.
Stop dreaming your ultimate adventure & call us now get up and get ready to experience the most magical feeling in the world.
Algoos takes you further than any other company in the world. Our worldwide network of Recruitment and Travelling agencies find jobs for you in the most exotic places around the 5 continents of the world. A travel in time from Greece, Italy, China, UAE, Russia, the Pacific, Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Cayman Islands, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Tunisia Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Latvia, Austria, France, Russia, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Norway, Finland, Malta, Scotland ,Estonia ,Netherlands, North America, USA , Alaska, Bahamas, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Detroit, Saint Kits Thailand Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, French Polynesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Laos, Macau, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Maldives, Georgia, Cyprus, Turkey, Germany, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Spain, Russia Chile, Brazil, Colombia Sudan and Nigeria.

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