Students and Experienced Staff

Algoos Study Work and Travel & Excel Services LTD are specializing in HR and Travelling operating for the past 10 years with a great success in European Countries cooperating with a vast amount of universities, colleges and schools from 27 countries. Due to the great success Excel faced in Europe we are looking to expand in other interesting destinations which can offer new positions and opportunities to our candidates. Through our thorough application and recruitment process we make sure that the people we choose for you are the best available match in the market.


Why International Staff

Diverse multicultural labor force can potentially yield several benefits for businesses in customer service, generate new ideas, assist with market expansion and improve company’s social and cultural image. Having young and educated staff from all over the world will add an international image in your company. On top of that, our internees can do a great job just by offering them meals, accommodation and some pocket money to go through. Are you looking for highly specialized staff, promotion models, or entertainment staff?  It’s something that we will be happy to provide you with.



We offer skilled and unskilled workforce such as managers, development managers, highly educated staff, doctors, nurses, maids, lawyers, portiers, agriculture labor force, chefs, cooks, receptionists, engineers, waiters, customer service specialists, public relations experts, marketers, computer specialists and many more. Excel Tourism Consultants with years of experience in high class hotels in Rhodes can also offer you a contract based service that will increase further your hotel’s customer service and profit. All Excel Services staff have extended experience in tourism and hospitality which allows us to choose only the best not simply by a guideline but we are able to see through the person better and more accurate than any other agent.


Countries of Cooperation

Algoos worldwide network of Recruitment and Travelling agencies finds staff for you from the 5 continents of the world according to your company’s needs and language requirements. We are looking to cooperate with companies in every industry worldwide.


Algoos Work and Travel Offers

  • Students & Specialized Staff
  • Cooperation with Universities around the world
  • Multilanguage Staff
  • Offices worldwide for local assistance
  • Professional interviews and extensive recruitment process
  • Promotion Models
  • Entertainment Staff
  • Free Replacements
  • Continuous Consultations

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