Info on Work and Travel


Algoos is a world network of recruitment and travelling agencies that offers work and travel package solutions to the most demanding and sophisticated traveller, employee or employer at competitive costs. We are shaping our services to match every employee’s and employer’s needs offering packages for work and travel globally especially for adventurers, young people, students and classical recruitment services for the rest looking to immigrate in a different country.

Our specialized associates and partners in every capital city around the world are there to offer you the consultation and assistance you will need in your adventure to work and travel around the world. We want our candidates to work in world class recognized companies and hotels, spend fabulous time on their working environments , enjoy their free time in their new city of residence and participate in the company development through their original and different cultural background.

  • Great Choice of Great and Safe Jobs
    •Guarantee Jobs before Arrival
    •Social insurance
    • Free & continuous Consultations/Support
    • Representatives in Every country
    • Work with the best in your industry
    • Tickets and Accommodation bookings
    • Visa & paperwork Assistance
    • Low Costs
    • Amazing Salaries
    • Free accommodation& meals
    • Adds Value to your CV
    • Cv Writing Assistance
    • Professional Job opportunities once you finish your internship
    • Free Transfers form/to the airport.
    • Travel Insurance
    • Assistance with obtaining a Social Security Card


How can i Register and apply?

It is simple on the top Menu Click on Login you will be directed to the registration page. Complete the basic details to know who you are and where you want to go.

You should Receive an email to confirm your registration, Check in Spam and click on the link.

Login and on your menu you can on the left click on my CV and then create cv. Compelte all the steps and upload your photos.

Once done you have two choices email us to palce you, Request an interview or start applying for jobs you like on your own.

Bear in mind if you have one offer you cannot receive another until you Reject it but be sure you will receive another and better before you reject the given offer.


The period of your stay in a different country depends on the program you choose, that can last form 2 months up to 18 months when visa is needed. If you do not require visa, or visa is possible to be extended and that place and job is what you were always dreaming about then you are free to stay there as long as you want.


The costs of the program vary according to the country and the program you have chosen to follow. Prices start from 0 euros up to 800 euros including visa process and paperwork and excluding all your travelling expenses.


Algoos takes you further than any other company in the world. Our worldwide network of Recruitment and Travelling agencies find jobs for you in the most exotic places around the 5 continents of the world. A travel in time from Greece, Italy, China, UAE, Russia, the Pacific, Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Cayman Islands, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Tunisia Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Latvia, Austria, France, Russia, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Norway, Finland, Malta, Scotland ,Estonia ,Netherlands, North America, USA ,Canada, Alaska, Bahamas, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Detroit, Saint Kits Thailand Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, French Polynesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Laos, Macau, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Maldives, Georgia, Cyprus, Turkey, Germany, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Spain, Russia Chile, Brazil, Colombia Sudan and Nigeria.


Everybody is welcome to apply, all our programs are available for students and young people between 18-30 years old. Although not everybody is eligible to apply for all programs as there are country visa restrictions we are urge you to contact us and ask more information.


Algoos unlike any other company will not have you going through series of interviews in the country you want to work and travel, going there it means you already have a job arranged and arriving at your destination our specialized local agent or your employer will pick you up from the airport and without any charge will drive you to your accommodation and working environment. In Algoos we believe the feelings of security and safety are the most important aspects for an adventurer visiting new places to make his experience enjoyable, and we do everything to provide you with strong sense of those. Before you arrive to your destination you will know where you will work, how many hours, where you will stay , what will be your salary what will be your job specifications.


Paperwork and Visa Process is usually the biggest headache for a traveller or an employee looking to work abroad, In Algoos we prepare everything for you and we guide you step by step through the whole process to obtain all the necessary documents successfully before you arrive to your destination.

As a candidate you will be required to complete and send to Algoos your application form confirming your interest to work and travel abroad to a specific destination, one of our agents will then call you for an interview and possibly ask you to write through Skype a test regarding your job to identify your skills and qualifications. Once the employer confirms your job we will start with all the necessary paperwork to obtain your visa.

In general Terms you will need:

  • A Visa application
  • Invitation Letter from the Employer
  • The address of residence you will be staying at that country
  • Sevi Payment
  • A proof that you have enough money to travel to that country
  • Medical exams to show that you are healthy
  • Travel Insurance (Which we can provide you with that)
  • A proof from your government that you have never committed any crimes
  • Your passport
  • Your University certification(that proves you are still a student( Wherever is needed)


We know how important it is for you to have good accommodation while abroad so you can feel like home. Algoos and partners always make sure that your accommodation and living conditions will be in good standards. You will live in studio rooms minimum 14 sq m or if you are sharing with another adventurer will be 20 s2.m for each person with private bathroom and a mini kitchen in case your job does not offer free meals. For those that will obtain a position working with a family then your accommodation most probably will be situated in that home. Every job description on our jobs section mentions accurately all these details. After all we have promised you that before you set off you will know all the details.


The flights to the destination you are going are dependent on the job you have chosen to do, some Employers such as teaching English in South Korea or nannies in USA are willing to pay your flights back and forth, others will pay your return flights upon completion of the project and to other jobs you will have to purchase your own tickets. Our specialized staff are always there to assist you get the cheaper prices in the market.


Algoos in cooperation with one of the biggest insurance providers worldwide offering you excellent travel insurance packages that will cover for you all your needs while you are abroad. During your program selection we will inform you for a number of options to choose from.


Application through Algoos is easy visit our website build your profile and choose the job and destination you desire click apply and one of our specialized agents will contact you shortly to discuss the opportunity you have chosen. Alternatively download our application form and send it to


Algoos offers to current students or recent university graduates and people with 5 or more years of experience working in a profession the opportunity to spend from 4 weeks to 18 months overseas in exciting destinations such as USA, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Dubai & more gaining real world experience as an intern in a successful and established organization. Choose from numerous of internships from Tourism and hospitality, to Medicine to engineering, accounting & finance and many more. We have internship jobs from every industry that surely you will find something that suits you, and if we don’t, please suggest it to us and we’ll try and create it for you.


Algoos has selected some of the most amazing volunteering projects that make the difference in this world. All our Volunteering projects are absolutely free of charge. At the end of the day our morals wouldn’t allow us to charge people that thinking making a difference in this world is what matters. As a company we are proud to support all these incredible volunteering projects worldwide where help and contribution are truly needed.

Volunteering makes important economic and social contributions, contributing to a more cohesive society by building trust and reciprocity among citizens. It can be both challenging and rewarding and require you to use your skills in a new context. You can also transfer useful knowledge while gaining a greater understanding of the issues affecting other people.

Make the difference whilst you have the time of your life in the wild jungles of Africa, South America and anywhere else where your skills and knowledge is of great importance!


Are you looking for a new experience? Would you like to open your wings and start the career you always dreamed about in your favourite destination? Algoos has the power to offer you that immediately. Find one of our available jobs build your Cv and apply. We are here to help you build your cv become excellent in interviews and get the position of your dreams. Immigration has never been easier, here in Algoos we have the expertise to help you with visas, and moving abroad, finding accommodation and getting your way through the first months till you become an expert of the new place you will live.


There is no better way of learning another country than working and living in that country, interacting with the local people becoming part of their local cultural events, creating local friendships and enjoying their delicacies and local lifestyle.

Our Algoos work and travel extended network around the globe will help you plan your once-in-a-lifetime adventure and make sure every detail of your new adventure is covered before you set off for one of our great programs. Whether you choose to experience the Frozen Lands, The Greek myth Discoveries, the Forgotten emperors, the Western Cowboys or our ultimate adventure Algoos odyssey we will organize your work, accommodation, VISA, travel arrangements, airport pickups, insurance + more!

Algoos Agents and Partners and our 24/7 telephone line gives you the peace of mind knowing that our staff are there to help you every step of the way without hassle and worries of what will be next.

Stop dreaming your ultimate adventure & call us now get up and ready to experience the most unique feeling in the world. Learn what others don’t know, go for safari, swim with the dolphins, dance syrtaki, see the Buddha, make shopping in 5th Ave. In New York, enjoy the music vibes of Ibiza, Malia in Crete, Miami in USA or Zadar in Croatia.


Algoos will not ask you for money before establishing all the necessary details for your work and travel adventure unless it is costs not depending on Algoos such as visa application process or SEVI costs. Through Algoos you pay only when everything is clear and you have accepted one of our great offers. Only then you sign an Agreement with Algoos for services and pay the full cost of the program. There will be no refunds for those that accepted the job paid the full amount and prior their departure changed their mind or failed to be to the destination on time. Refunds will be given only in the event of emergencies and after submitting the necessary documentation.


Finding jobs is easy with our automated online system. You simply click on Jobs Link and you enter your criteria for searching a new job. Once you find the job you would like to apply for create your online profile and click apply. One of our specialized agents will review your CV and will call you shortly for an interview. Do not purchase a program unless you have a confirmation form our team that you have been accepted.