Interview Coaching

Interview Coahing Tips to Get Better

Interview is the art of using as a person your communication skills to promote your qualities and strong points that will secure you the job you’ve always wanted. Do really the best candidates get always the job? The truth is that no, the job usually ends up to people that have worked on creating a successful CV and have practiced hard to become excellent at interviewing. Success is the combination of opportunity and preparation.

Algoos Consultants are here to assist you with your Interview and teach you:


  • First Impression Techniques
  • Your Potential Employers
  • How to be confident & communicate effectively
  • Your Potential mistakes and help you correct them through mock interviews
  • The Questions you should expect and the best possible answers you can give
  • Proper body language & energy
  • How to explain gaps of employment & job changes
  • Dress Code
  • Voice Tone
  • Owning the Space
  • Questions you should make
  • Get that Job



2 hours Interview Coaching: 75 euros