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Au Pair Host Families

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Au Pair Host Families


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  • No Fees
  • Salary 5€/per contract
  • Flight Ticket Included
  • Free Accommodation
  • Free Meals
  • 24/7 Support
  • Top Program
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  • Au Pair
  • Job arranged Before Departure
  • Airport Pick Up
  • Available Bonus
  • Visa Needed
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  • Price 600
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Au Pair Host Families

Au Pair Host Families is the program for families to become a part of worldwide Au Pair network and find the best Au Pair for their children. Families can register there and become one of the host families to receive an experienced person in their home. Au pairs usuallly assist host families with the domestic work and also look after their children or elderly people. As a company  we understand the importance of the safety and security feeling for both parties. All our au pair are recommended to us from universities and university coordinators and also form previous collaborators when that is possible. We are looking for families with previous recommendations and clean background. Families that understand the importance of treating all of their au pairs in the best possible way. All families once they send us the required paperwork and recommendations confirming on our side that this is a host family we would like to cooperate with. We will send you a number of cvs to choose from. You can interview the au pairs so you know exactly who you would be welcoming in your home. It might not be a must for a family to pay the expenses for an au pair. But we advised them to do it so they can have a larger choice of au pairs. At the end of the day it worth it to pay a few more bucks to have peace of mind. As a company we will always be on your side and try to assist you with anything you might need during that period. We are always looking to assign university graduates that their skills and knowledge match the subject of the program Au pair follows. For instance for Nannies we are looking to send students that have already finished, Preschool education, nursing or teaching. For elderly people we tend to choose usually university graduates from nursing schools. Send us an email now to discuss our Au pair program.

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Au Pair Host Families

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  1. Lokesh Gajbhiye

    I would like to apply for a Au-pair opportunity.

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