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Camp America

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  • No Fees
  • Salary 5€/per contract
  • Free Accommodation
  • Free Meals
  • 24/7 Support
  • Top Program
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  • Summer Camps
  • Job arranged Before Departure
  • Airport Pick Up
  • Visa Needed
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  • Price 250
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Why should you choose participating in Camp America?

Camp America is a fanctastic program for active people that love entertaiments and people. From the very young age you understood, that you belong closer to the nature? You were living all your life in crowded, busy and loud city? Or vice versa you were living somewhere in a suburb area and you loved it? Luxury hotels, expensive rooms, overcrowded restaurants are not for you, but you still like to communicate with people especially kids? We have a perfect offer, for a summer job in the camp America.  

Apply for you dream camp job!

If your dream job consists of living in the USA, working with children, and communicating with people from all over the world, you have the best opportunity to do that with our program Camp America. You will find new friends that will be by your side forever! Learn about the American culture at camp and during your journey afterwards.  

Available positions

During your summer job in Camp America, you will be given a specific job, on which you will have to concentrate and do your best. But an extra pair of hand is very helpful in any kind of job, so sometimes you will be expected to jump in and help out where it is needed. Flexibility is a key to success, which will help you with your future career. Job area includes a variety of available positions such as housekeeping, arts and crafts, sports, kitchen, waterfront, performing arts, and outdoor living.  

Process of a working day

The majority of camps has similar schedules and operates almost the same with the certain times for meals and activities. During your rest hours, some camps allow campers to visit each other or play games, while some of them prefer campers and staff to rest and relax. As a staff person, you will have to keep an eye and supervise campers even during your rest hour. As well, you have to eat with the campers and supervise them during their meal time. For the campers, you have to be a good example, show manners so campers can lead your way.  

Types of camps

There are a lot of different types of camps to work at in the USA. It is possible to work at a traditional camp, or a family camp, that has no particular difference in activities. But in a family camp you will have to work with the whole family at a time. In addition if you like to help people, there is a possibility of working at a special needs camp and assist campers of all ages to have an unforgettable summer. Moreover, we offer jobs in many different camps such as sport camps, religious camps and day camps that are all unique in their own way.  

Application process for Camp America

Application process for Camp America is easy and it takes three simple steps. First of all you have to register in our website. The second is, to create your own CV (please fill everything, so you could look more attractive to an employer). And the third – wait for a call from our consultant to provide you with the information about Camp America. Once we will discuss everything you are ready to do your documents ( Visa, Medical Exams, etc.) and search for the tickets. Please contact us in order to get additional information regarding the Camp America program.

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Camp America

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  1. Malinchi Alexandra

    Hello. I am from Romania. I already have a visa and I am really interested in this programme. Can I still apply? I’d love to visit the USA this summer and have the possibility to work as well, but it is pretty hard to find a job online just like that. When I saw this site, I said to myself “I’ve got to try, it’s an opporunity I come across once in a lifetime! It looks fantastic” All the offers, the places, the experiences, everything looks amazing. I look forward to your response. I hope it’s not too late for me.

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  • Visa assistance
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  • Free accommodation
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  • Be interviewed
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