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Study Australia

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Study Australia

Study Australia program is for students who would prefer to live in one of the newest countries worldwide. A country that combines technology, fast development, mixed tradition and the wild life you were always dreaming of? Then Australia can provide you with all these together. In addition with a very reputable degree that will boost your professional career once you successfully finish it.

Australia has one of the highest living standards worldwide. But it is also an expensive country to live in and study. Australian degrees are well appreciated and recognized worldwide. They offer great opportunities through their educational system.  For instance, mandatory internships to build a successful career in any part of the world.

Australia is one of the destinations where you can find landscapes that you will never find anywhere else. Wild animals that are the pride of the country such as kangaroos and koalas. It is worth mentioning that friendly and open minded people will be happy to welcome you in this multicultural society. The best cities to study are the capital of Australia Sydney, Robina with the Great Barrier Reef, Perth with its long, calm, wild beaches, and finally Melbourne, a beautiful city which combines development and    conservation of its natural environment.

Living in a campus typically costs much less than living outside- approximately 750 $/month. Average cost of groceries equals 200$/month, 16 $ to 20 $ for a meal in a casual diner. In general you can live with an approximate amount of 1,550 $/month or even less. In case you are living in a  shared house in a considerable distance from the university.

Students’ visa allows you to work in a part time job in parallel to your studies.  That will assis you to finance your student’s life by earnin up to 1350 AUD$ per month.

  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master Degrees
  • Summer Schools
  • Language Schools

Please contact us in order to get additional information regarding the Study Australia program.

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Study Australia

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