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Study Cyprus

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  • Salary 5€/per contract
  • Free Accommodation
  • Free Meals
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Study Cyprus

Study Cyprus is a program for student that would like to combine summer season with their studies. Cyprus is an ideal destination for studies and there are many exciting things in this territory that reminds Greek style. The island is on the south east of Europe with plenty of sun and crystal clear waters. It is also famous for its tourism and banking industry. In order to add some originality to your CV and in the same time to acquire valuable experience in hospitality industry Cyprus is a great destination for you to get them both.  Because in Cyprus hospitality field is the most important and also it is well developed

Cyprus is the easiest country to do your studies in, because even if you are a non EU citizen you do not have to apply for Visa to follow your studies. Cyprus is a beautiful traditional and vibrant country. Therefore more and more European Union Citizens choose it as an alternative destination to study and work. Although, if you are a non EU student, you can get a practice permit only if your the practice is mandatory for your filed of studies, for example tourism.

The cost of a degree in Cyprus varies between 4290 euros and 9090 euros. Additionaly you have to cover your expenses on accommodation and meals. The cost of living is about 700 euros a month including housing and meals.

Every applicant who is intending to study in Cyprus must have completed a secondary level education or the equivalent of twelve years of schooling to get admission in the universities of Cyprus for undergraduate level or bachelor degree. You can apply to the University of your Choice through

  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master Degrees
  • Summer Schools
  • Language Schools
  • HND diplomas
  • Technical Diplomas

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Study Cyprus

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  1. Beshoy Victor Fouad

    Dears ,
    I visit cyprus from afew days and i like it alot and i would like to make study there and work there also & be noted that i can work any kind of work .and study in any field can improve my job in the future .

    Beshoy Victor
    002 012 20 23 21 23 .

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