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Study Hungary

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Study Hungary

Algoos Study Work and Travel offers Study Hungary. Hungary is a small but a great country due to its cultural and historical potential part of the once upon time well known Austro-Hungarian Empire. Hungary is a perfect destination for your studies abroad if you want to choose something different than the usual. Each year Hungary attracts a considerable number of foreign students for a whole degree or through the Erasmus Exchange program.

A great advantage of studying in Hungary are the languages of studying: English, French, German, Hungarian and sometimes Russian. So in the end of your degree you may know 3 foreign languages. Most of the universities cooperate with the universities abroad, so you can obtain a joint degree from Hungary and England or USA. You can enter any University without passing such tests as TOEFL or IELTS just depending on your secondary education grades. Bachelor programs typically last three to four years, master’s programs one or two, and doctorate programs three years. In some subjects, it is also possible to complete a single five or six year course, which combines the bachelor’s and master’s levels. The cost of life comes up to € 550 per month. Many universities offer dormitory accommodation between 150 and 250 euro per month. For € 5 you will have access to a fast food menu, or even to watch a movie in cinema in your free time. Bachelor degrees cost between 5000 and 8400€ per year and Master Degrees cost from 6000 to 10.000€ per year.

You can apply to the University of your Choice through

  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master Degrees

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Study Hungary

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