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Volunteer Kenya

#1663 Volunteer Kenya
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  • Salary 5€/per contract
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  • Free Accommodation
  • Free Meals
  • 24/7 Support
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  • Volunteering
  • Job arranged Before Departure
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  • Visa Needed
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  • Price 500
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Volunteer Kenya

Algoos Study Work and Travel offers Volunteer Kenya in fields such as teaching English, care work, hospital work, wildlife protection, conservation. Kenya is located in the heart of African Continent sharing borders with Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. The country is one of the most exciting destinations among people from across the world. It has beautiful hot deserts, exciting savannahs, spectacular landscapes and beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean. Kenya is a perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts, adventure travellers and beach-lovers. Volunteers in Kenya will also encounter the ethnic diversity- more than 42 ethnic groups what makes inhabitants more united. Although, Kiswahili is a national language of the country, English is an official language of Kenya. However, in remote areas people speak only their mother tongue of their ethnic tribe. Because of its natural beauty, welcoming people and warm climate, Kenya is a perfect place for participating in volunteering programs. If you want to take part in this exciting experience of volunteering in Kenya apply minimum 2 months before your volunteering program starts and make sure you will be available for a period from 1 week to 12 weeks. The program is running throughout the year. Register online and make sure you have enough funds available to pay for your visa and tickets. Most of the volunteers in Kenya receive housing and meals from local families. If you would like to start volunteering in Kenya in less than six weeks, please, contact us to discuss further possibilities.

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Volunteer Kenya

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