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Volunteer Nepal

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Volunteer Nepal

Algoos Study Work and Travel offers Volunteer Nepal in fields such as child care, medical care, teaching, Nepal is a country in South Asia and borderes with two large nations: China and India. It is the only country in the world which flag is not square or rectangle but made of two triangles. Nepal is a country of Himalayas and the highest peak on Earth- Mount Everest which was named after Sir George Everest. The word “Everest” in Nepali language means “Forehead of the Sky”. Nepal is a place of amazing wildlife. It is said that a snowman Yeti lives in this country, (un)fortunately no one has ever seen him. Moreover, Bengal tigers, red pandas and snow leopards are worth mentioning while talking about Nepal’s fauna. While coming to Nepal do not forget to greet people with your palms together and bowed forehead saying “Namaste”. If you want to take part in this exciting experience of volunteering in Nepal apply minimum 2 months before the program starts and make sure you will be available for a period from 1 week up to 12 weeks. The program is running throughout the year. Register online and make sure you have enough funds available to pay for your visa and tickets. Volunteers in Nepal receive meals and accommodation from local families. If you would like to start your volunteering program in Nepal in less than six weeks, please, contact us to discuss further possibilities.

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Hotel Pan Pacific
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its an an grate 5 start hotel
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Double Room
its an an grate 5 start hotel
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Volunteer Nepal

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  1. Margaux Thomas

    Je m’appelle Margaux THOMAS, j’ai 25 ans et je suis professeur des écoles en France. Je suis intéressée par ce projet. Est-il possible d’avoir d’autres renseignements?

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