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Work And Travel USA

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Program Highlights
  • No Fees
  • Salary 12$/per hour
  • Free Accommodation
  • Free Meals
  • 24/7 Support
  • Top Program
Program summary
  • Work and travel
  • Job arranged Before Departure
  • Airport Pick Up
  • Available Bonus
  • Visa Needed
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  • Price 885
Total Price 885

Work And Travel USA

Work and Travel USA gives you the opportunity to visit United States of America and make unforgettable memories. You have a chance to work for 4 months and travel around the USA. Meet new people from  all around the world. Earn some money and live an unforgettable experience. Your dates depend on the country of your studies.

Algoos Study Work and Travel will assist you to choose the right program and VISA. It also will help you with all the necessary paperwork. Moreover, you have a choice between our golden package option which includes your VISA paperwork assistance, internship or work placement fees. In addition, you will get continuous consultations from our local agency while you are in the USA. Alternatively you can choose our simple package that includes only VISA application assistance. Both packages are paid in advance.

Make sure you will have the necessary amount of money to pay for the program and your tickets to USA. Also you need to have enough money to cover your needs in case of a sudden return back to your home country. Students work from 8 hour per day earning up to 12 dollars per hour. They have the right to travel around USA for one month after their program finishes. The minimum stay in USA is 2,5 months and the maximum is 4 months for Work and Travel. You can stay in USA from 6 to 18 months if you choose a traineeship, internship program or Au Pair.

The positions you can usually obtain in US for work and travel are dishwasher, game operator, life guard, cashier, crew member, ice-ream seller, hostess, busboy, candy maker assistant, retail assistant and photographer. Unless you are going for internship where you can do it on the field of your studies. If you have taken a gap year then USA can be a great start for your long journey before moving to other countries of Central and South America to follow one of our volunteering programs.

Application Process Work and travel USA  program


You need to create your account online by clicking on Login confirm your email and create your cv. A specialized consultant will call you to discuss with you details about the program, costs and further information you require.

Who Can apply for the work and travel USA J1 visa

All students around the world can apply and take advantage of our work and travel USA program. bear in mind this is not a program to obtain a greek card in USA but an educational exchange program that will give you the opportunity to make some money during the summer and visit this exciting country. Make sure you have enough funding to cover this trip. Unlike any other company we will not force to buy tickets from us at extremely high prices. In fact we can recommend you where to find the cheapest tickets to/from USA.

Jobs for the work and travel usa program

The jobs you can obtain depend entirely on your previous experience and skills. Food and beverage positions we reccomend to candidates that have been before to Greece. So they have extensive experience which will help them obtain the position they need.

Who are we looking for for the work and travel USA

We are looking for excptional students that will follow the guidelines of Algoos arrive on time and depart form USA on time wihtout any delays. Not arriving at your destination or not returning on time has a great negative impact for future students through our company and students from your country. As such our selection process is very careful and thorough. Please contact us to get additional information regarding the Work and Travel USA program.

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Work And Travel USA

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  1. karine hasselbein


    Je viens de trouver votre site,
    Je cherche un job en patisserie aux usa. Et til possible de trouver ceci avec votre site?
    il y a t’il des frais d’inscription? que faut t’il payer exactement?


    hasselbein karine

  2. nursultan

    I am interested in this program. more infos please

  3. Alexandru Daniel Vlad


    My name is Alexandru Daniel Vlad.

    My girlfriend has 6 months in US(Arkansas) starting March, as part of her graduate program and I would like to go with her so I have been looking for work and travel programs in that area from March but I couldn’t find anything.
    Maybe you can help with any type of work (internship or of the sorts), also what would be the cost and such?
    I live in Germany, but I am Romanian, so would need a visa.

    Best regards,


    • Nikki

      Stay with this guys, you’re heinlpg a lot of people.

  4. Adams Okoh

    I want to know the cost of work and travel to USA, Canada and Dubai.

    • admin

      All the costs are written on every page that describes the program and also above every job on jobs search.

  5. Katrina Aliermo

    How much is the cost all in all? I am from the Philippines.

    • admin

      Dear Katrina,

      the program is 990$ plus your visa another 215$ plus your tickets to USA.

      Thank you

    • Buffee

      This shows real exeitrpse. Thanks for the answer.

  6. Anna


    I’m a second year student from an university in Barcelona and I’d like to go to the EEUU during this summer to improve my English skills (i have the First certificate) and to have the greatest experience in meeting another culture.

    I’d like to know which are the most common cities in which you can find the jobs and if you also help in the search of rooms for renting during the summer. Morever I’d want to know which is the average days until you find the job for the participants. Could be possible to stay only two months? And could be possible to work in a big city (NY,DC,LA…)?

    I look forward to heraing from you soon.

    Yours faithfully,

    Anna Bernad.

    • admin

      Dear Anna,

      i am confused , on the first line you are mentioning EEUU and then you are mentioning about USA. Firstly you need to know internships in any other field except tourism are unpaid in USA. Will that be ok for you?

      Thank you

  7. Ana-Marija Antic

    Hallo Dear! My boyfriend and me wanna came in America and work. That is not easy I know but you have to belive and dreams come true. That is my biggest dream, his not but he will come because of me. But we need chance to come. Please help.

    • Tess

      You really found a way to make this whole prosecs easier.


    I like it and is very interested prograM
    But how can’t suscribe.

    • admin

      from the top on the trop down menu click Login to Jobseekers and then register.

  9. Viktoriia

    Hello I am interested in the program Summer Work & Travel

  10. Milan Matolak

    I am from Czech republic and I would love to go for work and travel in USA. I have already find job and I have signed job offer by the company in USA.

    Could I still get J1 visa?

    Thank you

  11. Farrukh

    I am college graduated guy but not a student of the university, so I want to ask that can I participate in this programm

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