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Erasmus Practice in Greece

Why you must do this practice?

Now when you are a student you have the opportunity to travel the world. The more time passes and your responsibilities increase the more difficult would be for you to just stand up one day and say I am going to another country to live for a few months. Greece is not a simple destination regardless the politics nowadays in Greece which everything happens because of the freedom of Speech and the unconquered minds of Greeks to question everything. Greece is the country where all the western civilization started from. It is amazing to step in buildings and streets where the people who invented democracy, medicine, mathematics astrology and so on were stepping years ago. Greece is the source of culture, feel the vibe and wonder around the different worlds.
The most important thing during these few months you will spend in Greece is the not just your work experience and neither the money but it is a once in a lifetime experience. It is the beginning of a long journey for you in a new world. Greece is not just the beaches, the perfect weather and the good food but Greece is also about you making new friends seeing the world and understanding better things that others who do not travel do not understand. You have the opportunity today, take it, do not leave it for tomorrow because this opportunity might not exist. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Be sure that we will always be here to help you with all your problems if you have any and help you adopt faster. This practice is about everything you could imagine on having on a warm island for few months during summer.

Algoos Greece

We are looking for students, Erasmus students and graduates that want to spend the summer abroad and do international practice. Students can do their normal practice and also go for second or third time to work and live in Rhodes during summer. Students access positions according to their knowledge, speciality and spoken languages. Hotels do not offer only jobs in the F&B sector but as you can see in the attachments they have positions from physiotherapy to translators, communication and computer network engineers.

How does the whole process work?

The first thing we expect from you to do is to register online through the job seekers section and choose your favourite posted jobs on Algoos. Once you do that we will call you for an interview to identify your skills and needs.
Our Human resources team will examine your details and give you an answer if you are accepted in our program or not. If you receive a positive answer (that you can have the practice position you asked) then you sign the placement agreement and upload it online on your profile.

What students usually get is:
– Free accommodation
– Free meals 3 times per day;
– Extra salary 300-500euros/month (usually 300 euros unless you speak many languages) + Erasmus + 50 euros per month every month which is your deposit back in parts. It means if you stay 4 months, you will receive the full deposit back
– 150 euros bonus at the end of your contract which is your tickets you paid reimbursed (make sure you will apply early, confirm your position to save money on tickets)

– Students work 8 hours per day/strict, 6 days per week, and if they would want to work extra hours they have to sign a paper which shows it was their own decision, they will get paid for that extra hours, although we do not advise them to do so, as it is better to enjoy the island and their time.

– Students will have social insurance. Also, we inspect working and living conditions, so we always know that students are in good standards. If students have any problems they contact us and we visit them straight away.

Upon Arrival we will greet you at the airport and escort you to your accommodation and Host Company. In the following working day we will drive you to the city to do your legal papers such as Tax number, citizen registration number and Social Insurance number and also medical exams. All these are covered with the 50 euros you pay in the beginning.

Expenses are:

You pay only 50 euros and it is the administration fee, taxes for insurance number, Tax number, citizenship number so you are all legal in Greece and transportation from the airport to your hotel. We do not charge your placement or Consultation fee our program is free.
For students that come for practice depending their experience, spoken languages and professionalism they get from 300 euros per month up to 500 euros depending the institution which will accept them. We just like to mention once more the funding from businesses is for everybody those that get Erasmus funding and those that do not. Once they finish their placement and especially those that have achieved the maximum performance and recognition will be placed to businesses in Rhodes receiving normal high salaries.
We tend to cooperate closely with universities especially for the placement program so it is attractive to students. As such we always organize a presentation seminar for students in the colleges, schools and universities promoting the idea of traveling and working abroad.
This offer is suitable also for students and young people from other faculties that would like to simply work and travel abroad for their summer to gain some experience in an international environment.
What is the minimum time?
The minimum time you can come in Greece is 4 months, even if we offer you a job for less than 4 months that means you will not get your deposit back. The ideal time to be in Greece is 4-6 months.
When is the application deadline?

The applications deadline is as soon as Algoos Greece completes the requested number of 800 students for 2016.
Who Can Apply?

Our Program is perfectly suited for people studying in secondary professional schools, colleges and universities, tourism and hospitality, social services, pre school teaching, music, theater, sports, administration, languages, chefs, restuarant management, food technology, gardeners, cosmetologists, SPA, masseurs, public relations, guest relations, sales and marketing.

For EU students we also accept people studying different subjects but they would like to experience the tourism industry.

Please keep in mind that most of the positions are in the food and beverage sector.


If you are not form EU you can still come although the fee for your practice visa which you need to pay to the Greek embassy is 90 euros if you are coming through Erasmus and 225 euros if you are not coming through Erasmus, your visa is valid up to 1 year.

Erasmus papers you should be able to obtain whether you receive the funding from EU or not.
The practice visa you need to obtain it before you come in Greece as soon as possible so you can book your tickets earlier which means cheaper tickets.