Visa Process

Paperwork & Visas

Paperwork and visa process is usually the biggest headache for a traveler or an employee looking to work abroad. In Algoos we prepare everything for you and we guide you step by step through the whole process to obtain all the necessary documents successfully before you arrive to your destination.


As a candidate you will be required to complete and send to Algoos your application form confirming your interest to work and travel abroad to a specific destination. One of our agents will call you for an interview and possibly ask you to write through Skype a test regarding your job to identify your skills and qualifications. Once the employer confirms your job we will start with all the necessary paperwork to obtain your visa.

In general Terms you will need:

  • Visa application
  • Invitation letter from the employer
  • The address of residence you will be staying at that country
  • Sevi payment
  • A proof that you have enough money to travel to that country
  • Medical exams to show that you are healthy
  • Travel Insurance (we can provide you with that)
  • A proof from your government that you have never committed any crimes
  • Your passport
  • Your university certification (that proves you are still a student (wherever is needed))